Free Web Hosting Is Good To Start?

If you do Google in the search term “free web hosting”, you will be come up with 134 million results within 0.32 seconds, you be take time to find out which one is real free, because most of them use term “free web..” to get more attention from other readers. Let’s say you find the one free, and want to try it,..guess what happen for next!!! (even the best place and trust for your first start site such as, you should consider Pros and Cons below:


  • You do not have to pay a single cent for the service. You are going to put up a personal website and see how does it work, this perfectly for starting point try out (in personal with few blog posts).
  • For non-profit organizations who don’t have the funds to pay for web hosting packages may also take the advantage of free web hosting offers.


  • You will not have our own domain name.
  • This is worse if you are trying to build the business website, free web hosting is definitely not the way to go because you would not have a means for branding, your URL like this:
  • This is very limited disk space and bandwidth.
  • There will be a ton of advertisements: banners, pop-up.,etc since this free, as you could see when we use email account for free, we need to bear with that all the time..
  • Support team: limited, most case you need to research by yourself or take even a week to wait any one to help, remember that free and no more further than that. Lasix reviews
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So with this a short overview for you to have the idea of what free web hosting is about, the site I mentioned is perfect for free, they are popular in the earlier days esp for personal blog, they don’t show their Ads or any banner on yours blog like other free service.

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